Atomic Shawarma

4.2 ( 7302 ratings )
Spel Underhållning Bräde Strategi
Utvecklare: Martin Rehder
0.99 USD

The game takes you into the world of atoms and electrons, where you have to play a game of conquest and strategy.

The idea is based on the natural way energy emits from atomic reactions. When electrons in atoms are supplied with more energy they will get excited. After a while the atom will be saturated with energy and will get rid of the surplus. Eventually, the saturated atoms will release the energy again.

While you are reading this, the screen you are using actually does it a zillion times a second!

The game will take place on a 5 by 7 grid where two player compete by setting electrons on atoms and strategically banning the opponent from the field.

- Single Player, where you can choose among 3 different computer opponents
- Multiplayer for two human players on one device
- Turn time speed adjustable
- Effects and Animations are adjustable
- Two different skins “Daydream” and “Nightscare”